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At CUK we drive constant mobile communication evolution to give you more control over your mobile estate. More choices, modular tariffs and flexibility of contracts means more control over staff and costs

We build mobile solutions that fit exactly with each individual user’s needs in your business ensuring that you never have to spend more money than you need to. Our intelligent billing platform gives you complete clarity on all aspects of your monthly usage. 30-day contracts means that changes in staff are no longer costly. We separate device costs from mobile tariffs to ensure commercially competitive deals from day one.



Device for life leasing scheme is loaded with features to make the latest smartphones more affordable to corporates and their users. Apart from the obvious commercial benefits that leasing offers, the initial handset cost is further reduced by providing like new A Grade remanufactured devices as a cost reducing option.


With CUK you don’t need to understand hosting environments, colocation, cloud, power, cooling, humidity – leave that to us and our experienced hosting partner – Pulsant. Add or remove modular hosting components when your company grows or cuts back. Trial cloud solutions connected to resilient data centres, ensure data compliance – all available as part of your CUK communication solution.


Can your current telephone system and your current provider keep pace with your business and meet the challenges ahead? CUK will build an IP Comms solution that allows you to expand or contract, with predictive costs and provide your business with the communication tools that you need to get the job done. In the office, remote working, travelling, multi sites, hot-desking?- Let technology work for you!



CUK entrusts our customers only with best of breed experts in their own fields. When it came to selecting a UK hosting services provider to provide services to our customers Pulsant was the obvious choice. The CUK and Pulsant partnership is built around service, company ethos, company values and absolute attention to customer service.



CUK SD-WAN Technicians are highly experienced at designing and implementing SD-Wan Solutions. SD-Wan has many benefits including improving the user experience, easier deployment, consistent results and advanced threat protection. The result is faster performance using less bandwidth.



At CUK we have working partnerships with 1,942 Telecoms service providers around the globe. This means that we can source, implement, manage and maintain any connectivity technology to connect any application to any place on the planet. From a single circuit to global WAN deployments, our experienced technical network team will design your solution to your budget, performance and long- term strategy specifications.

Every CUK solution comes with a Tech Refresh guarantee, which means that we will let you know when improved technologies become available to you and upgrade any older technologies in your solution – Flexible and innovative engineering.



CUK provides the latest feature rich Hosted Voice solutions based on the industry leading Broadsoft platform, which can be even further enriched by an ecosystem of third-party applications. Basic business voices services are customisable and enhanced by including any of over 500 available features. Different packages and different features for different staff all in one CUK solution.

A little about us!

At CUK we embrace the latest technologies to provide futureproof solutions to your business’s unique communication needs. Every one of our solutions are based on innovative yet tried and tested technologies supplied by best of breed vendors. Every product within our core service groups - Connectivity, Mobile, IP Comms and Cloud can be implemented as a stand-alone technology or as modular components used to build the communication infrastructure that underpins your business, regardless of your business size, geography or industry.

What is the procedure to join with your company?

Getting started is really simple. You can contact using the form below, via telephone or email. Our support team will be happy to help you get started!

How will CUK save my company money?

What makes CUK different from other companies?

Every one of our solutions are based on innovative yet tried and tested technologies supplied by best of breed vendors.

How big are the savings with SD-Wan Technology?

80% of businesses are starting to look at SD WAN technology as a replacement for more expensive and less efficient technologies. SD-Wan can cut costs up to 60%.

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