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CUK entrusts our customers only with best of breed experts in their own fields. When it came to selecting a UK hosting services provider to provide services to our customers Pulsant was the obvious choice. The CUK and Pulsant partnership is built around service, company ethos, company values and absolute attention to customer service.

Pulsant owns and operates a network of UK enterprise-class datacentres, and have a strong global presence in the US, Asia and Europe. With secure sites across the UK, connected by a high-performing network, CUK customers have a choice of locations to suit your resilience requirements.

Pulsant is a hybrid cloud company that focuses on IT and cloud managed services, transformation, security and compliance. They have the expertise, resources and solutions to design, develop and manage intelligent hybrid IT platforms so that CUK customers can focus on what’s important: running your business.

Pulsant’s in-house expertise and cloud consultancy, combined with leading-edge technology solutions, means that together, we are able to give you complete visibility & control over your entire IT environment. More than that, Pulsant will provide you with actionable intelligence, best practice processes to help you meet your hosted business objectives.


Cost-effective, reliable, efficient. Pulsant’s managed infrastructure-as-a-service starts with helping you remove the complexity from cloud migration and extends to managing and supporting your Azure environment. Pulsant are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and have the expertise and resources to ensure your Azure platform is meeting your business requirements, across network, compute and storage.

Managed Azure Stack

Consistent, secure and agile. As an extension of Microsoft Azure, Stack brings the flexibility, innovation and versatility of cloud to your on-premises environment or your Pulsant infrastructure. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Pulsant can help your business adopt the cloud on your terms and get up and running quickly with a custom-built environment that suits your requirements

Managed AWS

Elastic, reliable and secure. Get the performance and capability of an AWS deployment, delivered by a Next Generation AWS Managed Service Partner. CUK customers can realise the scalability, cost-effectiveness and reliability that the Pulsant AWS public cloud offering can deliver to your business, meeting your performance needs in a secure, compliant environment.

Private cloud

Dedicated, versatile and scalable. Enterprise-strength private cloud services delivered from Pulsant’s UK-based network of datacentres — and designed to meet specific industry requirements for security, compliance, regulation and performance. Private Cloud offering is a bespoke platform that gives CUK customers the capability, capacity and agility required to meet the specific demands of your business.

Enterprise Cloud

High performance, robust cloud delivery. Offering 99.995% availability, Pulsant’s Enterprise Cloud is built on cutting edge technology and delivers enterprise-class service levels. With the very best hardware, robust cloud delivery and top-quality management software, Pulsant’s Enterprise Cloud solutions helps CUK customers bridge the gap between standard cloud services and in-house datacentres.

Government Cloud

Secure, resilient, seamless. Pulsant are a G-Cloud 9 approved supplier, with 15 years of experience in delivering comprehensive cloud solutions to the public sector. By focusing first on organisational goals and needs, in place of IT enhancements, Pulsant’s technology services and solutions drive tangible commercial and operational improvements to deliver against key IT objectives.

Cloud Storage

CUK customer’s data delivered securely. Pulsant cloud storage provides you with a range of integrated options based on performance, security and cost requirements. They have a range of different storage tiers and options available, depending on your technology requirements. From direct attach, to network connected options, CUK and Pulsant technical specialists will find a cloud storage solution that suits your environment.

Cloud Backup

Safe, secure and recoverable. Pulsant cloud backup solutions are tailored to your specific data requirements and support a range of deployment models, from on-premises, colocation, cloud dedicated server. With our industry-leading backup services, you choose how your data is stored, where it is replicated and which devices are protected.

Continuous compliance, complete confidence

Compliance is an organisational commitment that doesn’t end once the boxes are checked. Achieving compliance is just the beginning. However, maintaining compliance can be a challenge, especially in a fluid business environment.

The Continuous Compliance platform helps CUK customers ensure your business is compliant, and that it remains so. Pulsant designed and developed a combination of best-in-class third party tools and Pulsant bespoke development — all wrapped up in secure processes. It is designed to meet public cloud security requirements out-of-the-box and includes comprehensive coverage and 24/7/365 incident reaction and management capability. Through our extensive monitoring and audit capabilities built into the solution, you can easily keep track of your IT regulatory requirements and be alerted to any instances of non-compliance.

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