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At CUK we drive constant mobile communication evolution to give you more control over your mobile estate. More choices, modular tariffs and flexibility of contracts means more control over staff and costs.

We build mobile solutions that fit exactly with each individual user’s needs in your business ensuring that you never have to spend more money than you need to. Our intelligent billing platform gives you complete clarity on all aspects of your monthly usage. 30-day contracts means that changes in staff are no longer costly. We separate device costs from mobile tariffs to ensure commercially competitive deals from day one. Leasing options on devices further reduces operational costs, and with the option of introducing remanufactured devices into your company, costs are driven down even further. Simple, straightforward, manageable and cost effective mobile solutions for your business

Benefits of CUK Mobile products:

  • Unrivalled enterprise level account management
  • Accurate spend analysis ensures that the correct tariff is presented to you
  • 30 Day rolling contracts available
  • Availability of most UK networks at competitive rates
  • Centralised billing with Billing portal access
  • Simple pricing structure and usage structure
  • Equipment – Supply, support, repair & lease.
  • Full access support 24x7


We build mobile solutions tailored exactly to each individual user in your business, ensuring you never have to spend more money than you need to. Our intelligent billing platform gives you complete clarity over all aspects of your monthly usage. We get your users on the right package and help you control the costs of your bills through setting caps and alerts that seamlessly activate before your costs head skyward.

Our 30-day any network contracts make your solution flexible – changes in staff or change in circumstance are no longer additional cost factors for your business. Your friendly CUK account manager will add, remove and adjust components to ensure your business mobile estate is always tailored to your exact needs.

There’s no such thing as a free phone – CUK has separated the cost of the devices or airtime credits from the solution as this was a way for the networks to offer devices for “free”. In reality the “free” phone served only to inflate the actual device and tariff costs while locking you into rigid long-term contracts. We strip away these costs and the complexity.

Mobile devices are a necessary tool for any company – your smart devices should work for you by boosting productivity - don’t let them become an uncontrollable cost – let CUK manage your mobile estate so you don’t need to!

Device For Life Leasing

With the cost of the latest smartphone devices approaching £1000 per device, companies don’t always have the capital they need to keep up with technology refreshes. Leasing a device is 20-30% cheaper than buying it outright.

Device for life leasing scheme is loaded with features to make the latest smartphones more affordable to corporates and their users. Apart from the obvious commercial benefits that leasing offers, the initial handset cost is further reduced by providing like new A Grade remanufactured devices as a cost reducing option. When you add in dedicated corporate account management, device jump available mid lease, same day phone swap in emergencies and a unique Peace-of-Mind fund, for those that add a mobile tariff to their package, leasing a device from Cellular-UK becomes the only option to consider. 

Mobile Device Experts

CUK are technology experts and passionate about making technology work for you! We are experts in IOS and android – and understand what device is best for your individual users – often businesses don’t pay enough attention to what devices they really need and simply offer ‘one device fits all’ Having the right devices in the right places with the right people can enhance your company productivity.

Remanufactured Devices

CUK remanufactured devices drive down the costs of Apple and Samsung devices by up to 30%.

Our devices are indistinguishable in appearance and performance when compared to brand new devices. We are also able to offer previous device models that are no longer available through traditional retailers, as alternative yet 100% suitable, highly cost-effective business tools.

Every device has been remanufactured using 100% original manufacturers parts and comes with 12-month warranty as standard, new accessories and is delivered shrink-wrapped in original packaging. We offer same day replacement for damaged phones, phone repair and loan phones in emergencies.

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